Sublimated Football Uniforms

Stop putting your team in the same old tired looking gear with heat pressed our screen printed year after year. Step up your game and your look with custom sublimated footall uniforms that are made to order just for your team. Sublimated football uniforms and athletic team uniforms are one of the hottest design styles in the custom team uniform industry today.

Sublimation is a fabric printing process in which dyes are injected into the fabric before the garment is assembled creating a truly unique and custom garment. This is in major contrast to traditional screen printing in which ink is laid on top of the garment. Since the ink actually becomes part of the fibers within the fabric, designs don’t sit on top of the garment as it does with screen printing or heat press. This means that the design stretches along with the garment, won’t crack or fade over time, numbers will never peel off, and the garment is able to maintain its full moisture wicking properties, something that traditional decoration method simply cannot offer.

Sublimation allows you create unique and original designs that standard decoration process simply cannot accomplish. At Sublimated Sports Uniforms we believe every team is unique and should have the opportunity to let their image help define who they are their passion for the game. Our custom sublimated football uniforms will make your team stand out and set you apart from the competition!

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